Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad Belly

It's not really a bad belly in so much as it is a bad intestine or Gallbladder - hasn't been good since Friday last week. At first I thought it was something I had eaten - I mostly eat a gluten and dairy free diet, but had let somethings slip through whilst we were away, and I did scoff a meat pie on Saturday (I miss these so much).
However, I think this goes beyond that and I'm now feeling pretty miserable as I don't think my body has been digesting food properly for the last five days. (I found this information out on the www - amazing how much info there is out there about poop.)
I have pretty much been down and in bed. No energy, no desire to do or be anything. Went to see the doc this morning but he is sick as well.
So many connections between my mental illness and my physical ones I think. Just feel so bad.

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  1. I hope you feel much better very soon. Focus on how great you felt the day of your run - great achievement! Much love your way.