Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holding me back

The number of times I have thought about contributing to my blog since April the 26th have been numerous. The truth is I keep holding myself back due to my unrelenting standards. I read others' blogs and know that mine with just pale in contrast and so I simply don't commit. And I'm pretty sure that this whole blogging deal is not about that.
I also feel pretty crappy so often and who wants to read about that? My psych has told me I'm a quiet depressive - I don't rant and rave etc. That's because I don't want to offend or upset anyone (another unrelenting standard).
But if I can't even use my own blog to let out (and just perhaps let go of) some stuff then what's the point.
I hold myself back - constantly. I am my own worst enemy.

P.S I even get anxious about getting the labels part right. Are they necessary?

1 comment:

  1. You write and I will read, and comment.
    No need to label, the blog world is for us to air our thoughts, dreams, nightmares, and pain without need to worry about offending anyone and mostly to give back to ourselves by creating a space to pool our conscious thought and let go a little.