Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reality to hit soon

I can't believe the Easter break is over. Going back to school so soon after Easter feels rushed. Mind you - I did spent half of the holiday in hospital and the kids were away for most of it also.
I feel like  I'm letting the school down. I will be returning to work on another return to work plan. I feel that they are getting a raw deal. The thing is when I am well I am very good at my job. Unfortunately the job asks for more than I can keep giving and giving.
This makes me angry - I want to punch and throw things because that little Jodi inside of me is screaming "IT'S JUST NOT FAIR" - who will be the advocate for change - I just get the impression that we are meant to give and give and exhaust ourselves in the process.
God I hate unrelenting standards.!

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